Col. Jairaj Bala & Mrs. Regina Jairaj - Pune MH

Col. Jairaj Bala & Mrs. Regina Jairaj - Pune MH

1.You may have numerous expectations of the other person, but consider looking at yourself to see how well you have prepared yourself to be ready for changes in yourself and accommodate the other person into your personal space since you need to move from being ‘Me’ to being ‘We’.

2.Your intentions to marry should be preceded by your readiness to be a ‘team player’ and understand your role in a married relationship as given in the ‘Word of God’ (Eph 5:22-33; 1 Pet 3: 1-7).

3.The underlying purpose of God in bringing a man and a woman together is to help them both to become Christ-like even as they work together not only to grow in Christ but help each other to draw closer to God.

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